Saturday, June 15, 2013

Press Releases for Marine Contractors

Press Releases Help Build Your Business 
As you may know, your ranking on web searches, particularly on Google is critical to the growth of your business. Regardless of if you do commercial or residential marine construction like us, or if you are in other businesses, this fact holds true. Here at Fender Marine Construction we have had a website since our start in 2001. We have tried many methods to increase our ranking in search engine results. Now we use Pay Per Click advertising on Google, increasing web site content by means of adding references, photos with descriptions and adding backlinks to our website. Last year we signed up for a year’s worth of press releases at (2) per month through PR Web. They have a great system for not only helping you to produce your press releases in a manner that will encourage online media to pick up your releases, but they perform the press release submission for you. Below is my latest press release which includes backlinks to my main website as well as some of the landing pages and even one of our vendor’s pages. The below article has been edited to reduce the size and also has a video and photos included which are not shown here. If you would like to view the release online, go to
This press release was submitted to 6,684 media sources by PR Web. There were 33,301 impressions. There were 527 reads and the press release was picked up by 142 online news sources.

Orlando Boat Dock Builder, Fender Marine Construction Announces New Upgraded Boathouse Design
Orlando Dock Builder, Fender Marine Construction has announced the addition of their new Platinum boathouse and dock design,” says Rick Fender, Vice President of Fender Marine. “This newly upgraded boathouse design includes added trim work on the dock and heavy duty artistic roof beams and roof decking,” explained Fender.

"Fender Marine Construction has always built quality docks, decks seawalls and boathouses, but now with the addition of their new Platinum boathouse and dock design, the company rises to the next level,” says Fender. “In addition to the quality of materials and workmanship, this new top end boathouse design features additional trim on the dock such as skirt boards, vinyl or Brazilian Hardwood decking, stronger framing, heavier piling, heavy duty artistic roof beams and upgraded roof decking,” explained Fender……………………………………..

  “The new roof structure is also different than any of the other
Orlando dock builders construct in that it features 3”x6” and 3”x8” roof beams with the rafter tails scroll cut” said Fender. Fender went on to say that the roof beams are spaced 48” apart where normal 2”x8” rafters would need to be 16” to 24” apart. “We are able to increase the spacing between the rafters because of the roof decking being stronger real tongue and groove V-joint 2”x6” Southern Yellow Pine” Fender said………………………………………………..

  “Normally the Platinum boathouse and covered activity deck projects feature a tile or metal roof” said Fender. “This new upgraded boathouse venture blows away the competition in quality of materials, sizes of materials, quantity of materials, craftsmanship and aesthetic design” exclaimed Fender.

Fender Marine Construction is located at 1201 West Jackson Street Orlando, FL 32805. Potential clients can contact Fender Marine through our website at, email or call 407-481-2750 now.
In the past, I have written releases on pile driving on the Turnpike, emergency seawall repair in Winter Garden, new employee additions and such. Each time the release is picked up, the embedded links back to my site that are in the release increase my web search result ranking. And the actual articles come up when customers search for your service which adds to your company’s credibility and makes the phone ring. I encourage you all to check out this tool and increase your web search ranking. Rick Fender

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Paul Herman said...

This seems like really great advice for marine contractors. My dad used to work as a marine contractor before he retired. He's always loved creating new boathouse and dock designs. I used to love seeing his finished work. It's a shame that he's retired right now.